Recording For 24 Hours

On April 5th 2017, we will be releasing our most demanding and rewarding podcast show to date, The 1440.  The concept of The 1440 is simple:  Record one show every hour for 24 consecutive hours. Sounds simple on paper, right?  24 shows aren’t too hard to do one at a time, but then to do them all back to back without losing our minds? That was the challenge.

We spent no less than four months prepping and finding topics to share for each hour. We wrote clear notes, meticulously timed out by the hour they would be recorded as well as the date of release of each episode to help keep us on track over the course of the day.   It totally payed off.  We recorded successfully from 7AM Saturday March 18 to 7AM Sunday March 19th.

The 1440 was a test of stamina and planning.  At some points during recording we slowed due to being overtired or from having stuffed ourselves with pizza, or from getting jittery because we drank too much seltzer with artificial sweetener.  Even with all of that, we never once ran out of idiotic things to talk about.

If this kind of madness sounds like your cup of tea, please mark your calendars for April 5th and follow our journey of discovery over one thousand four hundred and forty minutes of continuous recording. The 1440 will release weekly on Wednesdays all summer ending on September 13.  You will be able to  find it on Spreaker and iTunes  Check our home page for more details and other shows.

We thank all our listeners for their support!



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