We have a problem

In short, we have a problem. Ciampa And Klein is the result of two thirty somthings being indecisive, unfocused asses.  With one year of recording our first show,Ciampa And Klein Blow Your Mind under our belts, we find ourselves spastically spewing up crazy ideas and we don’t even care if they fit together. The Ciampa And Klein name is the umbrella under which our impulsive, disjointed, mental excretions reside.

We love podcasting.  Well, in actuality we really love hanging out together and recording.  It is a bonus that other sentient beings have actually listened to us being ourselves. Humans too. For allowing us to jiggle the bones inside your ears, we are truly appreciative. Perhaps we can jiggle other parts of your body if you turn the volume up high enough.

Our shows, regardless of topic, are truly a window into our relationship.  A relationship that can only be described as a hot, steamy and sometimes uncomfortable hetero love affair between two jerks who like the sound of their own voices as much as the sound of their own farts.  We suggest you close this window as fast as possible when finished with each episode.

Ciampa And Klein shows are always appropriate to play loudly while riding public transportation, driving a school bus or making grunty in an airplane bathroom. Again, thanks to our listeners!  We would still be doing this without you.




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