Episode 54 – The One Where Greg Hates Sitcoms

In this episode, the boys (and Christie!) discuss a myriad of different things, from movies to the urban dictionary, but the one thing that really gets Greg’s blood boiling is sitcoms.

Episode 53 – Our (Not So) Triumphant Return!

The boys are back in action!  After 5 weeks of silence, they’re back and…….well, they’re exactly the same as they were before.  Tune in to hear them talk about what they’ve been up to the past few weeks, and give you a preview of what’s to come!

Episode 52 – It’s Only Been A Year?!

The boys celebrate their one year anniversary with the show, talk with a friend, and boost their egos way more than they should.


Episode 51 – We Are NOT In Area 51!

In this episode, the boys sneak into a top secret facility and record their exploits.

Music Used:

1) Spaceship Bedroom Ambience – Relaxing in the Sleeping Quarters, Listen Here!
2) Hey – Vodovoz Music Productions, Listen Here!


Episode 50 – Are We Really Braindead?

In this episode, the boys close out their Peter Jackson trilogy with another classic.


Episode 48 – When Are We Going To Meet The Feebles?

In this episode, the boys are thoroughly disgusted throughout.


Episode 47 – Well, This Didn’t Go As Planned

In this episode, the boys scrap their original idea at the literal last minute, and do something stupid instead.


Episode 46 – Good Heavens, These Are Terrible Jokes!

In this episode, the boys read some truly terrible “jokes” and then history repeats itself.


Episode 45 – Don’t You DARE Try These Things!

In this episode, the boys talk about the dangers of listening to their podcast.


Episode 44 – Fill Me With Your Loaded Questions

In this episode, the boys ask the real tough questions……then they cry.