Ep. 51 – He Fell For It Again!

Jack gets arrested on purpose in the small town of Smiley, Arkansas, and there’s a crooked sheriff and warden running a Work Farm, but no actual farming happens. MacGyver arrives to find Jack, but also gets arrested, for no apparent reason.

Episode Title: Jack In The Box
Original Airdate: November 9, 1987

Ep. 50 – Eagles Get Ulcers?!

MacGyver and Nikki end up together again, this time trekking through East Germany to recover a downed, experimental jet that no one is supposed to know about. The Russians are hot on their trail, using a psychic to locate the plane, in the hopes that they get there first.

Episode Title: GX-1
Original Airdate: November 2nd, 1987

Ep. 49 – Those Kanubians Are Trouble

In this episode, MacGyver loses yet another friend, makes out with his sister, and becomes entangled in a diamond heist with a man from Kanubia.

Episode Title: Fire And Ice
Original Airdate: October 26, 1987

Ep. 47 – You Suck, Ralph!

In this episode, a continuation of a story from Season 2, MacGyver rekindles his bromance with Jimmy The Eraser by riding a zipline the length of a baseball stadium.

Episode Title: Back From The Dead
Original Airdate: October 5, 1987


Ep. 46 – Dalton’s Finest Hour

In the stunning conclusion of the Season 3 premiere, Dalton unknowingly becomes involved in the theft of the Ming Dragon, and has a damn near panic attack in trying to get it. Also, history repeats itself for MacGyver. How this man hasn’t had any PTSD is beyond us. We’re pretty sure he’s REALLY good at burying his emotions.

Episode Title: Lost Love, Part 2
Original Airdate: September 28, 1987

Ep. 45 – Who Wants A MacGyver Hair Doll?

In the first part of the Season 3 premiere, MacGyver falls in with the Soviet delegation while trying to protect an ancient chinese dragon. In a particularly meaty flashback, MacGyver proposes to a woman he’s known for about 2 weeks. Pretty sure Mac needs to slow down on the whole “falling in love” business.

Episode Title: Lost Love, Part 1
Original Airdate: September 21st, 1987

Season 2 Bonus – So, It’s Just Another “Clip” Show?

In the Season 2 recap, the boys talk about their favorite moments from the past Season. While chatting, they accidentally birth a new character: Dark MacGyver.

Ep. 44 – Toss Me A Can Of That Baranov!

In the Season 2 finale, MacGyver must pretend to be married to a shrew. And we’re introduced to the Czechoslovakian arm of the Dubcek family.
Episode Title: For Love Or Money
Original Airdate: May 4, 1987

Ep. 43 – Hey Look! It’s Maya Rudolph!

In this episode, MacGyver gets shot in the face, falls out a window, and gets accosted by a burly Maya Rudolph look alike.
Episode Title: D.O.A.: MacGyver
Original Airdate: April 27, 1987