Two times a MacGyver


What the hell is going on here?  We can’t control ourselves.  Our hit podcast, Mullets And Memories is now being released twice a week! New episodes will now be available on Tuesdays and Fridays on iTunes  and Spreaker! We can’t get enough of MacGyver and his flawless hair.

As the running jokes build, we find ourselves falling in love with this show.  Season two has proven to be a blast so far.  Are you all caught up?  Ignore the roughness of our first episodes as we were dialing in the show and now feel that we have a good method of delivering this magnificent series to your ears.

We have a simple approach.  Watch each episode at face value and comment on the information presented through the screen with very little actual show trivia simply because we are lazy and just like to watch and talk.  We will investigate certain things if they peak our interest but for the most part, we make dirty comments, talk about Macs hair, and try to keep track of all the women in his life.

We have also developed an unhealthy obsession with the character of Quayle who only appeared in one episode.  Ever since our first encounter with him, we have done our best to shoehorn him into every review and have him doing some unsavory things.

If you are looking for cool interviews and fantastic information, listen to The Phoenix Foundation Podcast.  They’ll take care of you.  For those of you that enjoy our brand of infantile jokes and sex-humor, thank you and keep listening because we will probably get worse.

Drop us a line in the contacts, hit us up on Instagram (our new favorite) or Facebook and tell us what you think! We’d love to hear from you.

Keep listening!  We’ll keep recording.




We have a problem

In short, we have a problem. Ciampa And Klein is the result of two thirty somthings being indecisive, unfocused asses.  With one year of recording our first show,Ciampa And Klein Blow Your Mind under our belts, we find ourselves spastically spewing up crazy ideas and we don’t even care if they fit together. The Ciampa And Klein name is the umbrella under which our impulsive, disjointed, mental excretions reside.

We love podcasting.  Well, in actuality we really love hanging out together and recording.  It is a bonus that other sentient beings have actually listened to us being ourselves. Humans too. For allowing us to jiggle the bones inside your ears, we are truly appreciative. Perhaps we can jiggle other parts of your body if you turn the volume up high enough.

Our shows, regardless of topic, are truly a window into our relationship.  A relationship that can only be described as a hot, steamy and sometimes uncomfortable hetero love affair between two jerks who like the sound of their own voices as much as the sound of their own farts.  We suggest you close this window as fast as possible when finished with each episode.

Ciampa And Klein shows are always appropriate to play loudly while riding public transportation, driving a school bus or making grunty in an airplane bathroom. Again, thanks to our listeners!  We would still be doing this without you.




Recording For 24 Hours

On April 5th 2017, we will be releasing our most demanding and rewarding podcast show to date, The 1440.  The concept of The 1440 is simple:  Record one show every hour for 24 consecutive hours. Sounds simple on paper, right?  24 shows aren’t too hard to do one at a time, but then to do them all back to back without losing our minds? That was the challenge.

We spent no less than four months prepping and finding topics to share for each hour. We wrote clear notes, meticulously timed out by the hour they would be recorded as well as the date of release of each episode to help keep us on track over the course of the day.   It totally payed off.  We recorded successfully from 7AM Saturday March 18 to 7AM Sunday March 19th.

The 1440 was a test of stamina and planning.  At some points during recording we slowed due to being overtired or from having stuffed ourselves with pizza, or from getting jittery because we drank too much seltzer with artificial sweetener.  Even with all of that, we never once ran out of idiotic things to talk about.

If this kind of madness sounds like your cup of tea, please mark your calendars for April 5th and follow our journey of discovery over one thousand four hundred and forty minutes of continuous recording. The 1440 will release weekly on Wednesdays all summer ending on September 13.  You will be able to  find it on Spreaker and iTunes  Check our home page for more details and other shows.

We thank all our listeners for their support!




Welcome, everybody, to the website!

Here you will find everything you’re looking for: news and updates about our future endeavors, upcoming shows and the entire catalog of both Ciampa and Klein Blow Your Mind and Mullets and Memories, wonderfully and easily categorized for you off to the right there, so you can find them easier!

We are working on some bonus content for our faithful listeners as well that are sure to tickle you………..somewhere.  Some content will be easy to find, others will require some thorough searching.  We hope you enjoy the site, and find it up to your standards.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at any point and let us know!  Thanks and have a great week!